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Exercising will never be boring! Class includes high intensity warm up, power drills, and cardio or strength drills at intense intervals. 

Reality Based

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Learn real world self defense strategies, and practice their application in a safe environment. 

Anyone Can Learn

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Krav Maga is designed for anyone to learn easily. It takes advantage of the attacker's vulnerable points. No martial arts experience needed!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Krav Maga In Valrico? 

Since it is very unique from other fighting styles, it teaches the user the mentality to survive when a threat is unavoidable. It also overlooks technique for speed, aggression, and raw violence. 

Why should someone choose to train in this self defense system? 

Because it has been tailored specifically for people who are at a disadvantage. That disadvantage can come from the fact that the supposed victim has no idea they are about to be attacked (the attacker has the element of surprise with the choice of time, place, and victim) or that disadvantage can come in the form of timidity or the lack of fighting capabilities. It doesn't matter what form the disadvantage comes in, Krav Maga trains so that the fight is never fair - to the attacker. It is the stacking of odds in the favor the those with a perceived disadvantage. 

What is Krav Maga? 

The literal translation means "close combat". It is not necessarily about fighting, but it is meant to END fights. The system makes use of techniques that are illegal in other systems and styles, such as kicking to groin, eye gouges, and striking to the back of the head. In fact, many see groin strikes as central in Krav Maga. As another central tenet of Krav Maga is the ease of application. Techniques must be easy to learn and execute under stress. Basically, you don't have to be athletic to defend yourself, but as an added bonus, Krav will help you get into shape. Finally, Krav Maga is not a martial art - it is the anti-martial art. It is learning the most efficient way to smash through an obstacle and make it home safe to your loved ones.

Why Krav Maga? 

Krav Maga was developed with the mentally to teach many people as quickly as possible while being efficient. It was originally designed to turn civilians into soldiers within three weeks. It focuses on realism, practicality, and ease of use. Many other systems tend to sell snake oil. They make outrageous claims and they train in sterile and overly-controlled environments. Krav Maga tends to be a little more realistic, hence, its practical use by the most efficient close quarters combat units in the world. 

How hard is it? Can I get hurt? 

This is definitely going to be harder than yoga. The class structure is designed in a way that new material will be presented slowly and repetition of basic skills will be the primary focus of each class. The chances of actually getting hurt are very low; however this is a light contact endeavor. Safety is the ultimate goal of the class because you can't train if you're hurt and we can't teach if no one is training - or if we're hurt. That being said, just as the military does, we try to replicate real life situations as best as we can without pushing any one too far out of their comfort zones. We do push, but reasonably. We will be practicing punching, kicking, and other strikes on pads; as well as practicing choke grabs, hair pulls, and other escapes with partners. You may go at your own pace during the fitness exercises and partner drills. 

Will it help me loose weight? 

YES! Without a doubt! As stated before, fitness is a side effect of Krav Maga! Through practice and repetition of these habit-forming techniques you will be able to loose weight, gain cardio, and learn life saving techniques.

What if I have no prior fighting experience? 

You don't need any martial arts experience to start training Krav Maga. What you will need is water, an open mind, and perseverance!

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